Restoring Hope Through Prayer

As the economic troubles of our Country continue, the poor that we serve are getting more and more discouraged.
The fear in their eyes is turning into despair.

We Vincentians are called to restore hope to the poor and in turn, to our Country.

We can do this through prayer.
We can encourage the poor that we serve to pray for hope.
We can give them dignity by allowing them to repay us through prayer for our Country, the fellow poor, and us, who serve the poor.

Give them this opportunity by teaching them the Hope Prayer.
In putting the Hope Prayer magnet on their refrigerator, they will be reminded to pray it daily.

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HPM-1 Hope Prayer Magnet in English( Measurement: 4" X 3.5" ) [ $.20 each]
HPM-1S Hope Prayer Magnet in Spanish( Measurement: 4" X 3.5" ) [ $.20 each]

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